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Monday, August 30, 2010

To set defaults to either GV or direct calls based on contact's group?

I'd like to propose adding Google Voice Android app settings to perform by default either Google Voice or direct phone call based on a contacts groups.

Currently, Google Voice Android app allows to wire all calls through Google Voice, to wire only international calls through Google Voice or to ask user on each call. I believe that there is a significant portion of mobile (Android) Google Voice users for whom this is not flexible enough.

Wireless providers commonly have a "family" type accounts which allow for placing calls between family members without spending wireless plan minutes. Obviously, by using Google Voice numbers to place calls between family members one will exclude this benefit: wireless provider won't see these calls as free inside-family ones.

I think that it would be logical to allow to set defaults for Google Voice versus direct calls on a mobile app per groups of contacts. So, I for example would set my Family Group to use direct calls by default and all other groups to use GV calls.

What do you think? Is it reasonable and feasible?

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An Update (9/1/2010):

Well, I got an answer on Google Help forum
kworth082: _While I agree this should be built into Google Voice, there is a solution out there for this in the mean time. Download "Voice Choice" from the Android market. It allows you to save which numbers should be called without Google Voice. Just set the preference "Use Google Voice for all calls". Then when you call a number saved in Voice Choice it will abort Google Voice._
I've just bough this app and it works perfectly market://search?q=pname:com.voiceplus


An Update (9/3/2010):

terrylg has posted an answer to the question "To set defaults to either Google Voice or direct calls based on contact's Google Group?":

Hmmm ... this is only part of it.

The more valuable compliment to this is ... when using Google Voice app for Android, it defacto dials out using (random) Google Voice numbers.

The joy would come from having the Android GV App do a call back, like the desktop app does. For the desktop app, it calls you using your GV number every time, allowing me to set that number as a myFav (TMobile version of Family) and NOT use any minutes for ANY call.

Since the Android App automatically uses some other number, it will use my minutes for GV calls from the Android App.

I've been going into the browser on the phone to GV via html, entering the number, getting the call back, and using ZERO minutes. Really nice.

One problem is that browser version, while it finds my contacts, can't successfully search (bug).