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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notion Ink Adam: Inception

    A new post by Notion Ink's Rohan Shravan about Notion Ink Adam Tablet possible release date and price. expected FCC certifications in the second week of November.
    LCD and PQ Variants, both will be available in Wi-fi only and 3G modes. A probable range of $399 to $498 for these four variants.
    Application designers can get hold of devices and SDK much early and are welcome to apply at

Vladimir Kelman

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Rohan Shravan | August 12, 2010 at 23:08 | URL:

I don’t think it makes any sense now to keep all the information intact specially since it is out from un-official sources.

Hello everyone!

2 Basic questions which everyone has been asking for, is the price and the launch dates.

Now there are variables which I cannot predict, cos they are variables. Once we reveal this information officially there will be a lot more pressure on us, but you all have been immensely patient and I believe being little more transparent will only help us. After all we believe in an open system.

I have always loved interacting with you, because I believe it is the first time in history when a product is made by not a firm but by masses. We want to convert this into a revolution, where we will interact in a much better way to get the product out which we really want. I have read each and every comment of yours and a lot has gone in improving the product and our mind-set (for example upgrading from A GPS to GPS, etc). I treat Adam like my son, and the effort will go on unless we have him out in this beautiful world. All the fathers will understand how they will feel if someone hurt their kids! Probably that's what we felt some time ago.

The product will shoot for FCC certifications in the second week of November. And then it depends on them. Add few more logistics issues to that and it can swing either way. (Don't get surprised it we hit for certification in October, cos there is some tight buffer, though that will be extremely good news).

About the launch dates in countries: The interest in a certain country is directly proportional to the number of “Application Developer Collaboration Requests” we get from that country. And we can only respect them by launching in their countries earlier. So if you want it to his sooner, come join us! World is not small when it comes to shipping, but we will try to reach wherever you are, and online shopping is the best option.

Coming back on pricing, we want is cheap as well. I don't think profit is in hardware. It lies in the ecosystem. And when the best hardware can be clubbed with a massive eco-system, you are talking about a revolution. There are unusual barriers in hardware which will not allow anyone to reduce prices below a certain level. Reason I think is, as soon as a component hits large-scale manufacturing to become cheaper, next generation, better and faster component is available at the same. You probably have noticed this with Apple a lot.

How do we break this? Well we have ideas. But probably I will explain that with Adam 2.

Currently we will ship LCD and PQ Variants. Both available in Wi-fi only and 3G modes. I believe you will get a range of around $399 to $498 for these four. (Please remember I haven’t taken the fluctuations, so be little sceptical). We are also working on reducing it further down (let’s leave the good news for the future).

I am really happy with our UI designers. Specially Andre. He is really brilliant and it took a while before I could find him. Probably Jeff Raskin for us (if we leave a mark in history). Finding a right design lead is as good as finding your soul mate. When it comes to design, I am very adamant (but with work load I have learnt to compromise a little), and even after his decade of experience he is fresh and thinks out of the box.

Andre and I will soon start the UI Blog for you all. You can see and play with the UI there and start understanding how Adam will work. We will convert it into an initiative to design better and better interfaces with you all as the feedback professors.

Application designers can get hold of devices and SDK much early and if you are one of them, join us at We have some goodies for you!

I know I have already disappointed a lot of you guys by saying it's going to be there not before November, and probably this was also the reason I was not speaking up. But then, neither can I hold on to you forever, neither can I give you a buggy device! Let’s just hang on for little more, and you all will proudly be able to say, you help design it! I need your support.

With Warm and True feelings!


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