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Friday, March 26, 2010

Nexus One screen is blurry, not so good for text?


Secrets of the Nexus One's screen: science, color, and hacks
5 ways the iPhone beats the Nexus One

Here are interesting technical articles describing some deficiencies in Nexus One's AMOLED screen. Unfortunately, it seems to apply to other upcoming phones with AMOLED screens, including next generation of iPhone. I wonder if Samsung Spica's "Super AMOLED" screen would suffer from the same issue.

And yes, I also noticed that blurry text on my Nexus One. And it bothers me too. So far I only heard on all the popular podcasts (Engadget, TWIG, etc.) how beautiful is Nexus One's AMOLED screen.

I don't have iPhone, but I compared text on Nexus One with the same text on ADP1 (HTC Dream - smaller resolution) and Zii EGG.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google Voice and soft keyboard on ADP1 + Cyanogen?


I use Google Voice app on my ADP1 (i.e. HTC Dream) + Cyanogen. If Call Presentation is enabled, to accept an incoming call I need to press "1". But incoming call does not activate soft keyboard. So, if I'm driving, I have to take my phone from a car holder and slide out a physical keyboard. Not possible.
Is it supposed to work this way or am I missing something?